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Clearview Easy Slide, Portable Refrigerator Vehicle Lowering Slide ES-150PLUS, Large Size

5 out of 5 stars View all reviews (3 customer reviews) | Review this item

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Item: ES-150PLUS

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There are many advantages of traveling with a portable fridge, especially on longer treks through the wilderness. However, gaining access to your fridge on the trail can be difficult, especially if you’ve installed storage drawers or other modifications to your vehicle’s storage space. Worry no more! With EasySlide from Clearview, it's easy to access your fridge whether on the road or off it. The EasySlide lowers your travel fridge an impressive 11.5 inches, making it easy to get to and store when you’re finished with it. Tested in the Australian outback, this fridge slide can handle any challenges the trails might throw at you.

Watch the EasySlide Gear Review Video by Pat Callinan


Watch the Features Review Video on EasySlide


Not sure which size slide you need? No worries, measure your installation space based on the sizing information below.

See alternative items for different slide sizes.

Plan & Size Your Slide Install

You will want to get accurate vehicle measurements for your planned install and ensure you get the CORRECT size slide the first time!

1. Measure Your Vehicle to Confirm Slide Will Fit

First thing you'll want to do is measure your vehicle loadspace area where you intend to install the slide and make sure it will fit in your vehicle.

Installed Slide Footprint Requirements*

  Overall Depth Overall Width
ES100 33.3in (846mm) Overall Depth 21.7in (550mm) Overall Width
ES150 33.3in (846mm) Overall Depth 24.4in (620mm) Overall Width
ES220 39.6in (1005mm) Overall Depth 27.2in (690mm) Overall Width

* Installed Slide Footprint Requirement depth and width is the required space in your vehicle loadspace to accommodate the entire slide once installed. For depth, be sure to measure from the nearest point of your seatback to the nearest point of your closed tailgate door/window.


2. Measure Your Fridge for Correct Slide Size

When an Easy Slide is in raised and locked position, the Easy Slide handle crossbar locks slightly inset from the front of the fridge tray. That means each slide has maximum fridge dimensions that are slightly smaller than the actual tray size, to allow for the handle clearance to lock when in up-position. The maximum fridge sizes below reflect that setback.

Maximum Fridge Dimensions for Each Slide

  Max Fridge Length Max Fridge Width
ES100 26.8in (683mm) Max Fridge Length 15in (387mm) Max Fridge Width
ES150 26.8in (683mm) Max Fridge Length 18in (457mm) Max Fridge Width
ES220 32.76in (832mm) Max Fridge Length 20.76in (527mm) Max Fridge Width
  ES220 is the perfect size for popular Dometic CFX3 75DZ fridge model!

Maximum Fridge dimensions above differ from actual tray dimensions due to required handle set-back of 2.2 inches.


Easy Slide fridge setup diagram

For more comprehensive Easy Slide installation information and functionality, see detailed guides below:

(Total of 3 customer reviews) | Review this item

5 out of 5 stars | Date Posted: 12-12-2022

By: abraham eini

It’s my second time buying this product and I absolutely love it!

5 out of 5 stars | Date Posted: 01-23-2022

By: Aubrey Taylor

Installed this lowering fridge slide on top of my DECKED drawer system in the covered bed of my GMC Sierra 1500 for added convenience and safety for accessing the contents of my Dometic CFX 55 IM. I have one of the standard clearview fridge slides as well for the drawer/storage system in the rear of my 2000 Disco 2. I had been swapping that back and forth between the Disco and the GMC. The only negative thing I would say about it is the price, but its the only lowering slide available in the US that I am aware of - nothing to compare it against, but you pay for ease and convenience. Nonetheless, expecting many good years of use and service out of it going forward.

5 out of 5 stars | Date Posted: 09-21-2021

By: Douglas Carmouche

Very High Quality, which in turn makes it very heavy. I thought it would be difficult to install on my TruckValut drawers. But, it turned out to be very easy. It took maybe 30 minutes to install by myself. Great product, looks good, works good and makes life so much easier accessing the frig.

View all 3 customer reviews

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