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FSR56 - Thanksgiving 2020 Free Shipping Promo

FSR56 - Thanksgiving 2020 Free Shipping Promo

EBC High Performance Brake Upgrade Kit: 3GD Sport Rotors With Greenstuff Pads Front & Rear; Stainless Steel Teflon Brake Hose Set; ATE Super Blue Performance Brake Fluid

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Our Price: $729.95

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Item: M3052

In Stock:

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  • MINI Cooper Hatchback R50 | '03 - '06 | Fits Vehicles Made from April 2003-On. Includes 10.9" Dia. Rotors - Not for JC Works Vehicles
  • MINI Cooper S Hatchback (Supercharger) R53 | '03 - '06 | Fits Vehicles Made from April 2003-On. Includes 10.9" Dia. Rotors - Not for JC Works Vehicles
  • MINI Cooper Convertible R52 | '05 - '08 | Includes 10.9" Dia. Rotors - Not for JC Works Vehicles
  • MINI Cooper S Convertible (Supercharger) R52S | '05 - '08 | Includes 10.9" Dia. Rotors - Not for JC Works Vehicles

Improve your MINI's performance!

This Complete Performance Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • (4) EBC Sport Rotors
  • (2) Sets of EBC Greenstuff Pads
  • (1) Set of Performance Stainless Steel Teflon-lined Brake Hoses
  • (1) Liter of Performance ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid

EBC Greenstuff Triple-Award-Winning Pads provide higher thermal conductivity that virtually eliminates brake judder, with better cold braking for shorter stops and less fade and better wear for longer life. These 2000 series pads are designed for premium street driving offering better brake effect at loads and speed. EBC Greenstuff has a high initial brake effect and gives drivers confidence from first application of the brake pedal. These pads create less dust and Greenstuff dust is more easily washed off than that of most other pads.

EBC GD3 Sport Rotors are designed for premium performance and street use. These zinc-anodized rotors are dimpled and offer a wider slot that provides better cooling, while expelling dust and dirt better than fine slotted rotors. The wider slot actually draws cool air across the pad surface keeping pads and rotors cooler. They also expel dust, dirt and hot gases better than fine slots which eventually fill with rust and scale. The blind dimpled holes break down surface gases when braking from speed but do not weaken the rotor cross section as can happen with through drilling, thereby lessening the chance of rotors cracking over time and heavy use.

Performance Advantage!

EBC Greenstuff Pads:

  • 2000 series pads are specifically made for premium street use.
  • Excellent in cold and hot conditions effective to above 1,200° F!
  • Low dust formula

EBC GD3 Sport Rotors (Dimpled & Slotted):

  • Wide aperture grooves.
  • Special disc alloys UNIQUE to EBC!
  • Dimple hole construction.
  • Balanced geometry.

Performance Stainless Steel Brake Hoses with Teflon Liners: These durable stainless steel mesh hoses feature an internal Teflon liner and a sealed clear coat on the outer mesh. The stainless steel and Teflon construction provides a long-lasting hose, unlike standard rubber hoses that become brittle, crack and fail over time. They provide less flex and expansion under pressure than traditional rubber hoses, providing better brake pedal feel and braking response!

ATE Super Blue Racing High Performance Brake Fluid is designed to excel within the extreme demands made on a race vehicle and exceeds all DOT4 standards. It is compatible with and will mix well with most DOT3, DOT4, or DOT 5.1 fluids. The formula offers a minimal drop in boiling point due to outstanding water binding properties resulting in a long-lasting fluid that may not need to be changed for up to 3 years under normal highway driving conditions. Also, the blue tint of the fluid makes bleeding brakes easy! You can easily tell when you have flushed out the older fluid.

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions on EBC Brakes.

Don't forget the the brake wear sensors.

Kit includes the following components:
# Description Qty. Required Qty. In Stock List
 1  Front Brake Pads: EBC Performance Greenstuff 1 Yes! $110.44
 2  Brake Pad Set EBC Performance Greenstuff Rear 1 Yes! $93.89
 3  EBC Performance 3GD Sport Brake Rotor Set Dimpled & Slotted Front Pair 1 Yes! $266.44
 4  EBC Performance 3GD Sport Brake Rotor Set Dimpled & Slotted Rear Pair 1 Yes! $299.95
 5  Brake Hose Kit - Performance Stainless Steel With Teflon Liner 1 Yes! $119.95
 6  Brake Fluid - ATE TYP200 Amber - DOT 4 - 1 Liter 1 Yes! $16.95
Total Value: $907.62
Your Cost: $729.95
You Save: $177.67

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Great customer service. Great quality on replacement parts. I have NOT been disappointed yet with any of my purchases that I have made so far. Speedy shipping on every product that ...

Phillip R.

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