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Product Instructions

Paint Pens - Finding MINI OEM Pait Color & Frequently Asked Questions

The paint name is found on a sticker on the right passenger's side
near radiator under hood on most MINI vehicles.

Q. How do I find my MINI Cooper Paint Name?
A. MINI has made paint color matching easy by using the name of the paint color as the "code". This OEM paint name is easily found under the hood. The paint color name label is located adjacent to the headlight washer reservoir filler on the right shock tower (see picture above.) Click Here for a full list of Paint Pen Colors available by vehicle model and year.

Q. How can I obtain the best results with my Paint Pen?
A. Always start with a clean car. Paint will not stick to dirt or wax. If you are washing your car yourself, use a natural sponge or chamois for best results. Make sure the car is dry. Wipe the area you are going to touch up with a cotton swab dampened with alcohol.

Q. Why does paint sometimes flow out of the sides of the Paint Pen when I depress the tip?
A. This may happen if you press the tip too hard on a surface. Remove excess from the side with a shop towel or paper towel.

Q. Does the temperature make a difference when I touch up my car?
A. Yes. Never touch up your car in the direct sunlight. The ideal temperatures are between 65 and 80 degrees.

Q. What if I don't like what I've just done?
A. Place a small amount of paint thinner on a cotton swab. Gently wipe it over the area you just touched up. You can shine up any dulled areas later on with a little wax.

Q. How do I get a high gloss finish?
A. Make sure every coat is dry prior to applying another coat of paint. For an even higher gloss, you may purchase one of our clear coat pens from us.

Q. How long before I can wash my car?
A. Wait at least 1 day.

Q. How should I store my Paint Pen?
A. Store the pen on its side and keep it in a cool, dry place. Never keep it in your car.

Q. What is the difference between solid paint, metallic and tri-coats paint?

Q. I have a metallic green car. Will the Paint Pen match the color of my car?
A. Metallic and Tri-Coat paints will always look different touched up versus sprayed on. When spraying these paints, the metallic flakes will spread out and lay down differently. If you touch up these paints, the metallic and pearls will look more condensed, since there is no air behind the painting process. Your paint pen color is produced to the manufactures specifications, so the color match will always be consistently good.

Q. What is a Paint Code? Can't I just give you the name of the color?
A. The paint code is a combination of numbers and sometimes letters assigned by the manufacturer of the car. To get the exact paint color for your car, the paint code is necessary to have. Some of today's metallic and pearl colors have multiple variances of the same color. The only difference in the paint code could be a dash and a letter. It is also necessary to have the paint code and not the paint color because the factory may call the color Mint Green Metallic for example, and the actual specification color will be called wintergreen metallic.

Q. What elements can have a negative effect on my paint job?
A. The worst adversary of your car's paint include the following three classes:

Q. How can I protect the finish of my car?
A. There are many things you can do to take care of your car. Below are a few basic things to do.

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